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Test Double

Matt Scantland



At CoverMyMeds, we help patients get the drugs they need to live healthy lives.  This important mission, together with an amazing group of employees and customers helped us become one of the fastest growing software companies in the country, and while being named the best large company in which to work in Columbus.

We’ve never believed there is a right structure for every company.  But there is a right structure for a particular point in time, and after a few years of hyper-growth, it was clear that the techniques and organizational structure that had gotten us “here” weren’t going to get us “there.”

Scott has been a true partner with our management team as we transform our great small company (that is now quite large) into a company that has the organizational scalability to become a truly great large company.  This will ultimately mean more structure and process, but at the same time, a work experience that has even more meaning and reward for our employees.

Beyond the benefits of building a higher performing company and a better place to work, our engagement with Scott has been personally rewarding.  A key element has been building “awareness,” since it is the propellant that drives us through the learning cycle in any new endeavor as we go from “unconsciously incompetent” to “consciously competent” to “unconsciously competent.”  We’ve done this as a team, and better relationships with the people we spend a big part of our lives with and count on every day is the result.

I’d recommend Scott to anyone interested in building a company that creates enduring competitive advantage through its people, and would be happy to answer questions from others that are considering his services.



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