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Through in-depth personal discussion, confidential surveys of those who work closely with you, and fundamental personality testing, Kompass Advisors will provide you the gift of awareness and show you where your blind spots are.


We will help you formulate a vision for your personal career goals, develop the appropriate action plan, and assist in identifying business requirements in the blind spots.


We will provide guidance and specific actions helping you promote new behaviors eliminating the obstacles currently holding you back. We will hold you accountable for these new behaviors until they become ingrained habits, allowing you to move on to the next developmental opportunity. Methodically, you will realize your goals.



Kompass Advisors will work with your executive team creating a clear understanding that differentiates between their ALIGNMENT needs vis-à-vis their COLLABORATION needs. With that understanding, we show the group how to govern.


ALIGNMENT requires effective information sharing among leaders. We will teach every team member how to communicate in a manner that is understood by the recipients of the information and how to account for each recipient’s life-driven filters.  Only then can true understanding and real alignment be achieved.


COLLABORATION requires executive team members to co-labor. In other words, they must process work AMONG EACH OTHER.  We will help each associate realize what they need, and what the other members need — often a blind spot — facilitating true commitment to the solution.


Kompass Advisors will work with you to create a customized formal strategic planning session. We will evaluate the circumstances and guide your team through appropriate homework and case studies in advance of a three-day formal strategic planning session.


The end product will be a clear vision of your goals aligned with your core values, a purposeful mission statement, and a transparent understanding of your unique culture, including agreements about how things get done [around here].  Additionally, you’ll have concrete, measurable one year objectives and nascent action plans with clearly identified deliverables. Essentially, you’ll have a road map for success.



Kompass Advisors will show you how to implement the action plans from your strategic planning session and cascade key expectations with unambiguous accountabilities throughout your organization.  We will show you how to ensure every member of your organization may be provided appropriate, timely feedback regarding their assignments such that no issue or associate ever wanders too far off the tracks.

As time passes, we will encourage continued FOCUS on what’s important in the moment, how to WIN, and how to avoid the distraction of bright shiny objects encountered along the way. After all, time management is really life management!


Personalysis is a scientific management tool that provides a unique assessment of your personality. It provides insights into how people think, how they solve problems, how they deal with others, and how they cope with stress. This technology provides proven strategies to guide a diverse personality population through real-world solutions and provides a system to create productive relationships both professionally and personally.

The awareness we provide through our various programs helps to create meaningful road maps that accelerate positive change and builds strong teams. We provide valuable information about people as it relates to their:

  • Behavioral strengths

  • Learning styles

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Effective approaches to communication

  • Stress behaviors

  • Preferred working styles

  • Motivators

  • Effective team building

Using the insights available in the proprietary personality assessment tool, Personalysis, we can assist leaders in gaining powerful insights into the impact personality has on:

  • Effective communication

  • Trust/Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Cultural fit

  • Emotional commitment

  • Job satisfaction

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